I hired Dittmer's to replace my crusher run driveway, regrade almost 1/2 acre, and install a patio base. The price was reasonable and the work quality was great. Matt was an absolute pleasure to work with - knowledgeable, professional, patient, and hard-working. No matter how many unforeseen issues we encountered or the number of times I changed my mind, he patiently and constructively discussed my options. I'm highly recommend Dittmer's Excavating for any and all grading and excavating related projects and I look forward to working with them again on my next project. Thank you Matt!

Anna Stamm

Great service! Matt was very professional and answered our call promptly. He brought in topsoil, raked it out and had it hydro seeded as promised in a reasonable amount of time.

Judy Mellor

Matt is a personable family man, who runs his business with excellence and efficiency! The job was completed exactly as I expected, within budget, but far exceeding my expectations! I would highly recommend Matt Dittmer with Dittmer's Excavating.

Meghan Henry

Called 3 different excavating companies and they had the best price with exceptional service. Very very happy with the work, would recommend to everyone.

Chris DeLucia

Great customer service, performed the job exactly as expected. Would recommend this company to everyone!

Katlyn Dittmer

I have used Dittmers Excavating several times over the last 5 years and have NEVER been disappointed. Matt is not only professional, but he is an honest, hard working family man and a personable business owner. The quality of service he offers is rare these days!! When I first found this company, I was pleasantly surprised to say the LEAST when he returned my phone calls, POLITELY answered my questions and was extremely punctual. It is impossible finding reliable contractors and working with Matt has been MORE than refreshing. His rates are extremely affordable and the work ALWAYS exceeds my expectations. I can NOT say enough positive about this company and wish other small businesses would follow suit. Thank you Matt.

Sonya Rogers

Had a great experience with Dittmer. I was building a fence, so I needed a section of my yard leveled and post holes dug for about 30 4x4 fence posts. The soil here is very rocky, and doing the job by hand was out of the question. I called a few local companies but the prices I was quoted were so insane that I actually considered just buying a used skidsteer.

Matt from Dittmer's Excavating gave me a reasonable quote, right around what I had originally expected for the job. I was expecting a long project since one of the other companies had told me the job would at least a week. I was amazed when Matt and his partner had the whole thing wrapped up in just a couple hours!

While leveling he had to deal with some old buried railroad ties that had been used to grade the land, but he pulled them right out and hauled them away for me. When it came to digging the post holes, there were some very delicate spots he had to reach with his machines, but he managed to get to all of them with no issues. He also went the extra mile and pulled a couple stumps that would have caused me problems during my fence installation.

The only issue we ran into was that the rocks sometimes deflected his auger without us realizing it, so a fair number of the post holes ended up being a bit off. I don't blame Matt for that, though, as I didn't realize it until much later. We had a line up to keep the fence straight, but had to take it down for the actual digging, and I didn't put it back up afterwards. It was still much easier to re-position those holes by hand since he had already broken through the worst of the rocks.

Matt was friendly and professional, and he did the job quickly, efficiently, and well. His prices were very reasonable, and I highly recommend his company.

Andrew Jones